AD&D™ Supplement-CS2

CS2:  Loki's Wine ($8.95)

You and your party of intrepid adventurers find yourselves relaxing in a local inn after your latest quest.  Taking inventory of your hard earned treasure, you notice that one of the black chests you assumed to have contained gold, actually contains an old bottle of wine wrapped in red velvet.  The bottle is made of blackish green glass and the label has a pattern of red and black flames.  Reading the label you find it is a red burgundy, soft, fragrant, and well-balanced, from the fine wine vineyards of Pandemonium.  The cork still has its seal of red wax imprinted with a shape of dancing flames.  After the bottle is opened and allowed to breathe everyone smelling it’s bouquet, all within ten feet of the bottle, will be forced to try a glass of this rare and expensive bottle of wine.

After drinking your glass of wine you find yourself in a three foot diameter, ten foot tall cylinder.  The body you possess is not your own, your memory has events and knowledge stored that you have never experienced.  You realize as you explore your memory that you have been brought to this place, by the gods to fight for your life, honor or country.  This fight is to the death.  On the inside wall of the cylinder is a set of floor plans for this mansion and a list of facts about the duel.


CS2: Loki’s Wine is the second module published in the Tarracina Port city state module series.  Loki’s Wine is a tournament competition module designed for 2-9 players who have a good grasp of the AD&D™ rules.  CS2: Loki’s Wine is a generic universal module appropriate for any campaign setting using the 1st or 2nd edition AD&D™ rules.  CS2: Loki’s Wine comes complete with 3 DM floor plans and 3 Player floor plans as well as sample player characters.  Ownership of Tarracina Port is not required to play this module.

Tarracina Port: A city-state for AD&D™, is a separate product.  Tarracina Port is the finest city-state ever published for 1st-edition AD&D™.

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