ORS™ Products

ORS™ core products consist of the ORS Standard Rules™, ORS Codex™, ORS Game Master’s Guide™, ORS Entity Encyclopedia™, and the ORS™ Design Document.

ORS Standard Rules

This product provides all the guidelines and rules needed to play ORS™, sans magic and monsters, which are covered in their own texts.

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ORS Codex

This product integrates spells and magic into ORS™.

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ORS Game Master’s Guide

This product is an aid for the experienced and novice Game Master (GM).  This tome begins by expanding on the philosophy of ORS™, providing intuition for the GM into why ORS™ functions the way it does.  Next it provides guidelines for creating additional races and entities using ORS™.  This document also provides rules on how to create magical items, relics and artifacts to be used in an ORS™ campaign.  The next section provides techniques and advice on running adventures using ORS™.  In addition, the GM’s Guide walks the reader through the complex task of creating a campaign setting, and includes examples from Terra 1592, ORS™’s first campaign setting.  Finally, the Appendix details out numerous magical items, relics and artifacts usable in any ORS™ campaign.

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ORS Entity Encyclopedia

This product contains facts and statistics for a plethora of creatures and monsters. The entities are currently limited, with a few exceptions, to those found in mythology and folklore that predate 1592 AD.

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ORS™ Design Document

ORS™ Design document is the engine under the ORS™ hood. It is intended for ORS™ partners who are actively assisting in the creation products for the ORS™ game line.