Philosophy of ORS

Omnificent Role-playing System (ORS™) is Dreamborn’s complete role-playing system.  ORS™ is targeted towards gamers seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

As the name implies, the underlying philosophy of ORS™ is a role-playing system that is unlimited in creative power.  To accomplish this ORS™ was designed with realism and playability as the two main guiding principles.  ORS™ has no predefined classes/professions, artificial level definitions or rigid magic systems.  It is a level-less system that is skill based with character advancement based on skill usage, abilities and traits.  All elements of ORS™ have been designed for high fidelity play using a real-time event driven engine that is fully customizable, consistent and intuitive.  This allows the GM and players to immerse themselves in role-playing the adventure and not learning and adjudicating the rules.

In ORS™ all player characters, non-player characters and monsters are created using the same procedure.  This ensures that all starting player characters are balanced with respect to each other and every other entity in the world.  Abilities have been grouped into three categories: body, mind and soul.  Each of these is further divided into six sub-categories.  Skills are actions that entities can perform during the course of play.  Abilities and skills can improve with use.  Talents and flaws are a characteristic of the entity that does not improve with use.

To fully experience ORS™, requires the GM and players to use computer aids to facilitate the gaming experience.  These computer aids are available for personal computers, Pocket PCs, PDAs, smart phones, etc.  The aids have been carefully designed to speed up game play, increase realism and playing experience.  ORS™ can be played face-to-face or remotely over the Internet.

ORS™ embraces all four of the classical stages of magic, and even combinations thereof.  The first and most primitive stage is magic performed by magic ritual, “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble” (Shakespeare, MacBeth).  The second stage of magic is performed with incantations, “Abracadabra, Dev and Chot”.  The third stage involves gestures, primarily of the hands and fingers.  The fourth and highest stage of magic, the supreme exponents, are wizards of pure thought, who need no words or gestures but their will alone to pierce the heavens.  These wizards have even been known to wear armor and carry swords.  Of course only the most supremely gifted personages become wizards of the fourth stage.