Middle Earth Angling Guide

The Ringló River System

The River Ringlo (Coldflood) begins in the White Mountains above Lamedon and flows southwestwards two hundred miles before it enters the sea in the Bay of Belfalas.  It marks the border between Anfalas to the west and Belfalas to the east.  The Ringlo's major tributaries include: Ciril, Morthond. Near the mouth of this river is the ancient Elf-haven of Edhellond.  The Ringlo River is an important navigable river of the southern regions of Gondor.

The River Ciril (or Kiril) is a short tributary to the River Ringlo.  The Ciril begins in the White Mountains of western Lamedon, about twenty miles east of Tarlang's Neck.  It flows directly southwards, through its fords at Calembel, to meet the Ringlo.

The River Morthond (Black Root) begins in the shadows of the White Mountains and flows approximately south through the lands of Gondor.  It eventually dumps into the Ringlo above the ancient port of Edhellond.